Eat fish for a smarter baby

In case you haven’t heard…if you are pregnant, you should be eating fish for increasing the smarts of your offspring according to this well known study published in the Lancet in 2007 that showed that women that did not eat fish in pregnancy had a significantly increased risk of having children with low verbal IQ. The study concluded that even when weighing the risks of mercury and toxins, the risks of not eating fish were much higher.

The FDA came out publicly on the subject on July 10, 2014 setting minimum amounts of fish that women should consume during pregnancy. Basically they recommend that women eat fish that are low in mercury 2 or 3 times weekly. You can see the statement here.

But how do you know which fish are the good fish?!

Say yes to: Salmon, canned light tuna, cod, sardines, tilapia, and catfish. Or if you can’t remember, you can use the rule of thumb, “If the whole fish fits on the plate then it must be great”.

Say no to: tilefish, mackeral, shark, albacore tuna, mahi mahi (BIG FISH!) Because they are big, they have more time to accumulate toxic mercury.

Oh…and by the way, please no sushi ladies. You don’t want Hepatitis A in pregnancy, trust me!

Here is the link to Seafood Watch so you can also see up to date information on toxins as well as safely fished species and species to avoid for the ecological impacts so you can be green while nourishing your body and your baby.



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